National Novel Writing Month And Me Day 2

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Well my day 2 update is nowhere as good , or as promising as yesterday.  Matter of fact, it really sucks!  My word count for day 2 was exactly zero.  Yep, totally crashed and burned.  But I’m hopeful day 3 will be kinder to me (and so far it has been.  More on that in tomorrow’s update.)  So hopefully I can get back on track with this. Well back to it I go.  I’ll update you on how I did tomorrow.

Words written today: 0




National Novel Writing Month And Me

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It’s that time of year again. Time for late nights, insanity, & hair pulling.

That’s write (hehe), It’s time for National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, or Nano for short. If you would like to join me in the insanity, look me up there.  (Search ‘Brennon’).  Here is the link to the site:

So what am I working on this year, you ask?
This year I am working on a story called “THE FERTILE GROUND.” A satirically, absurd tale of a professional Drug Addict who goes on a strange, surreal Odyssey to find and rescue his baby, Maggie, a Welsh Corgi (And his Big Breasted neighbor “What’s Her Name?”) from a crazy underworld that may, or may not be brought to life (literally) by his drug use.

I’ll try to update this daily with my progress. Starting with today.

Words written today: 1,798




The Monsters Have Arrived

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The Monsters have arrived!  Received a couple of copies of Creature Feature:  A Monster Anthology in the mail today.  This is the first chance I’ve had to get my hands on a print copy of this.

I have to say, while it is a nice feeling to be published, it is even better feeling to hold that book in your hands.  “The Great Kaiju” looks to be in wonderful company, and he has brought some interesting friends along with him to my door.  Can’t wait to see what happens within the pages of this book.  It should be fun, as I’ve been waiting on this.  (Even though this Anthology is available in both print and in e-book, I tend to do my reading when I can hold that nice dead tree in my hand.)

Everyone out there should check out this Anthology.  But not for little “Kiaju’s” sake.  Check it out for all his crazy, wild friends.  What a party they throw.

You can order from amazon here:



Let me hear your feedback and thoughts.  Or better yet, let Amazon hear your feedback and thought.  Post a review there.  (It really does help.)

Writing Updates: Rejection And The Naked Man

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I have a new post in the WRITING UPDATES section.  I talk about the human body and acceptance.  Check out: Rejection And The Naked Man.

Writing Updates Gets First Update

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I just added the first post to my WRITING UPDATES.  Here you will find out what I’m up to on the writing front.  So if you’re wondering check it out and get up to speed, on what I’m doing.

BANNED from YouTube

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Well it’s official, I just achieved a whole new level of awesome in my life!  I, along with 56 other authors, have been BANNED!  The trailer that had been posted on YouTube for  THE BIG BOOK OF BIZARRO  is no more!  Yep, that’s right, the trailer has been pulled for “violating community standards.”  I have never been so proud! For those of you thinking of  buying the book, what better reason do you need?  It’s sick, it’s twisted, it’s a VIOLATION!.  So you know the Book has to be good!  🙂

Oh, and the  trailer can still be seen here at Amazon. (Just scroll down to the reviews.) But shhh, don’t tell YouTube I told you.

(We all know that Amazon has always been cooler than YouTube anyway.)



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Welcome to my new home on the Big Bad Web (BBW).   I will soon be updating this page with all sorts of groovy stuff from my writing exploits.  I’ll also be updating the look and function of this page as I get more time.

Up in the left hand corner you will find some cool random pictures.  These are covers from books where my tales appear.   Check them all out under MY BOOKS AND TALES.  Here, there is more info, as well as links to purchase them.

(And remember: you can always get back to the home page by clicking my name at the top.)

Welcome aboard.

Hope you Enjoy.